Aaaaaand now I’m even further distracted, regardless….

Remember what I wrote here? Well….are you? Cause…it’s kinda been all over the news; this is gonna be picking up, heavily folks! As the main sources I’ve been following have been saying, get ready for a hot summer, and a nuclear winter. I’ll be here to explain how being on the Spectrum fits into all of this, and why being educated and empowered will be so important, moving forward.

I also got busy with some….last minute preparation, shall we say.

Our day is coming, people 🙂

It’s a Kodak Moment

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Before I get to the good stuff, I wanted to bring up that I forgot to mention something in yesterday’s entry….and btw would you believe I didn’t even have to otherwise look at my journal yesterday at all, for the notes I had? I literally remembered it all to a T! That….will play an important aspect here. Anyway, yesterday in my discussion about being a “third wheel”, I forgot to basically connect that–in a way–yes, it is technically another form of triangulation, as I brought up in this entry; in a way this doesn’t surprise me, as I remember someone on Reddit posting that she and her family passed around this one Autistic member of their family like a game of “hot potato”; seems to be a common thing for us…and it’s another reason why the world of Socializing has really left me cold at this point, for the most part. I was about to go into a whole angry rant about this, the more that I think about this…but I won’t do that for now….because we gotta get to the good stuff, which is something that I first brought up in the Success miniseries, and thought it was worth elaborating more on:

In this entry, I decided to elaborate on our enhanced senses, and how useful they are for navigating the world on our own terms. Toward the end of it, I got a little bit into our tendency for photographic memory, but looking back I feel like I kinda just “shoved it in there”, and especially at a time when I was already mentally pre-occupied, as I have been. Today I decided it best to elaborate more thoroughly on the subject, as it were, and naturally in the process I also bring more examples with me as well! See? I even remember the events of the time that I was writing all that, so well; how d’ya like that? 😉

In the previous entry, I brought up about meeting my Aunt for the very first time, and recounting the experience to her practically to a T, 27 years later. I’m not gonna lie…….due to how my own mind works, I’ve never understood how people can just “forget” things…but again, storing that memory for usage and all is how the Autistic mind works; even Dave Cullen said in his video “The New Abnormal & Joe Normie” that the average person will only mentally retain information for a short period of time. My Uncle, incidentally, who I believe may be on the spectrum (but hell if you try to convince him of that), also recalled the event just as perfectly, and even remembered the exact restaurant we went to that night, and everything. Yes, even almost 5 years later, I still remember the events of that day in 1989, like it happened yesterday. I can still remember our taxi/car drive thru NYC to the Italian restaurant, and the sites I saw on the sidewalks as we rode down the street, and even observations I made to my Grandma and parents, and the comments they made in regards to it!

Here’s a fun example I want to bring up: for those who haven’t seen the episode of Arthur featuring the Autistic character Carl… really should go over to Youtube right now, and check it out; IMO probably one of the best representations of us to date (even if some might disagree, and from what I hear it’s due to the focus on the “puzzle piece” thing, and what it symbolizes): it’s called “When George Met Carl”. George interacts with Carl several times in that episode, and when he sees him for the second time, Carl goes into a recollection, in-detail, of what George was wearing the previous time, as opposed to that go. For anyone who actually watches it, you may think “meh, he just mentions a backpack, and the color of it”; who cares? Bear in mind…this is a show for pre-schoolers; you can’t expect them to go into the detail levels of Mozart or Rain Man for audiences that young; hell, most older folks not on the spectrum–as stated above–will usually find it to be too much.

Speaking of those other people, however, I was recently reminded of an exchange I had I believe 17 years ago, with the social crew I gained in my early 20s. I was heading with two of the guys down to the Woodbridge Mall, and was expressing frustration with them–as we got into the parking lot of the mall–about something that had happened/had been said a few weeks ago, they forgot, and I took it to mean they didn’t listen/didn’t care. Incidentally, all these years later, I actually don’t remember the exchange that happened that I was frustrated about either, but I chalk it up at this point to my no longer prioritizing socializing, and I do remember part of the incident involved something with DVDs, and with pop culture having taken a back seat considerably in my life…..even less prioritization than ever. However, as I was discussing it with them very clearly, I basically went over the entire event that happened with a fine-toothed comb, and both of their mouths dropped, as I remembered it to absolute perfection; what I find funniest about it looking back is that one of the guys who forgot….was in college on a scholarship. Bear in mind, he’s not one of those folks that blindly repeats back to you whatever the professor teaches, he’s a genuinely smart guy, and a very independent thinker. I’ve mentioned him in a previous post, too! All the same, the event that I expressed frustration over–at the time–had only happened a few weeks prior (if memory serves correctly, now), and both had completely forgotten it….and I was pissed.

So you may be wondering now “ok Russell…how is it you think we can remember things in that way? How is it we have such a perfectly detailed photographic memory–hell, much akin to that kid that flew over NYC in the helicopter–whilst our non-spectrum brethren are lucky if they can remember what they ate for lunch yesterday?!” I believe it goes back to what I stated in this piece about how our minds work, in comparison to the minds off the spectrum. Their minds are designed for social flow, and to “sell” an offering, our minds are designed to take in everything around us to form a detailed picture, and have an offering that speaks for itself to sell. Both minds and what they are offer are extremely important in their own way, but it honestly does go back–IMO–to what Dr. Jac den Houting said in her TEDtalk about the communication differences between folks on the spectrum, and those not. Consider what I said in this entry, where I first referenced Rain Man, about my thoughts about experiencing lighting a cannon fuse at the Renaissance Faire: we aren’t taking in information for a momentary bout of social flow….we’re taking it in to store it (mostly) permanently, almost like the Universe/God knows we’ll “need it later”. Sure, folks off the spectrum need it to, but they couple what they “do” remember with–again–the “social flow” (seriously, I could get rich if I had a dime every time I say that now, I realize); just keeps it all moving, so the significance of actually doing it is less important for them as it is for us, since we don’t have social flow factored in, and as a result, are a higher “social risk” in the process. As a result on our end, photographic memory could also be considered somewhat of an “insurance” policy if you will, which can also be brought to the bargaining table for the daily “contract with society” as stated here.

Bottom line: Just remember what you really do have in your corner; it may not be what you’re told by society you “should” have…but perhaps you have something far better beyond their comprehension. Think of the series finale of Justice League, where Lex Luthor is negotiating with Darkseid over the Anti-Life Equation, directed to him by Metron, if you want, and instead of trying so desperately to work within their rigid guidelines, focus on “supercharging” what you already have at your disposal. You were given it for a reason.

Next time, we’re gonna take on one of two particular subjects…..but that depends if the rumors I’m hearing of….upcoming events happen or not. If they do, I can start getting into those; if they don’t… may recall yesterday about how I brought up an old acquaintance that briefly worked at my employer; I…..have a little more to say about that……

The Third Wheel

Don’t forget to look me up on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter under “RealAutismSpeak” if you want to follow my daily exploits, for more than what I’m able to put out here–for the time–on this blog! Also on Clouthub, MeWe, Gab, MAGAbook, and Minds as well.

So at the end of last month, I got to meet my human godson for the very first time; he’s only a few weeks old right now, and he’d all been just brought home from the hospital, and he’s still undergoing new living arrangements, and all that. I held him a little bit, but right now, his main thing is….well, crying when he’s not in Mommy’s arms; and by that I mean he will literally cry in everyone else’s arms. I tried to soothe him, but again…..he’s brand new to this world, only Mommy gives him comfort; even his Daddy holding him doesn’t seem to…..nor his grandparents. Yes, you read that right: his grandparents. By that, I mean his grandparents stopped by while I was there, around halfway thru the day I was spending with the kid and his parents. It’s actually quite fascinating though, because people seem to show up at their place literally every single time I’m there….and admittedly there are a few reasons for this, among them being that–as stated previously–his Mom is a very social butterfly, and all but seems to suffocate without that social interaction. So my guess is she’s lucky if she can even go a day without having some friends come over.

“Ok Russell, but….you were there, so why would she and her husband need more?” Dear reader, that’s what we’re gonna talk about today; consider this entry one of many add-ons (plenty to come) to the Socializing mini-series, and something I forgot to include then, but I don’t feel like calling this Part XXI. This goes back to yet another reason I continue to emphasize how futile trying to “do all the right things” is when it comes to socializing on the spectrum; I even did a few vlogs on Instagram/TikTok about it…one of which was called “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”; the entire point of the video was that…..ok picture the scenario:

Let’s say you decide “to hell with everything Russell says; people just think he’s a nerdy loser who doesn’t try hard enough! I’m gonna take out every book on body language, watch every video on Youtube that I can, perfect my eye contact, make sure I research every conceivably interesting topic imaginable, and I’ll be just fine!”. Hey, go for it….if that’s your bag. You’ll wind up lasting a little bit longer with folks then, in their “screening” process of you; also, hope every session with them you have something new and exciting, or else you’ll be right back to Square 1. Hell, even the guy in the comments of the video of the Strong Successful Male Youtube series said that an Autistic guy he knew works out, takes care of himself, has self-confidence, is financially successful, and does great with the ladies. I take that to mean he gets his “pick o’ the litter”, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to long-term success, with anyone. As stated in the very first entry of the Socializing mini-series–linked above–and elaborated further on in my Instagram/TikTok video, it comes down to social flow, which our brains aren’t wired for.

Basically, the other party can sense something is off. They can’t put their finger on it, but something doesn’t naturally gel with the social flow, when they’re interacting with us, and it’s very discomforting for them, usually. Oh don’t get me wrong…they may absolutely love what we bring to the table in ever other aspect, but if you honestly believe that social flow isn’t–even subconsciously–held head and shoulders above everything else–you’re kidding yourself. “Russell, you honestly mean to tell me that your Godson’s parents value social flow over the fact that they know how dedicated you’ll be to his growth?!” To that….I must respond…..being on the spectrum, I know how hard it is to imagine such seemingly-questionable prioritization….because again, that’s how our minds are designed. Don’t get me wrong…..his parents value me, and value what I’ll bring to the table, but (especially right now, being new parents), it’s a tightrope walk–in part, still not having experienced the full responsibilities of raising a family–between someone they know will offer an alternate perspective and be extremely devoted, but won’t be able to bring social flow to the table, and knowing that his godfather will be indirectly socially ostracized over it, and that he’ll have to learn what’s truly important in life in the long run, as a result. Yes, a lot of it really does come down to social currency, and the gambles people take with it……and how risking that social currency is one of the most terrifying aspects to folks not on the spectrum. And yes, he does have a Godmother who is far more capable with social flow than I am, but in their minds, she may not bring to the table what I do; again, they likely view it as a balancing act. That being said, when I’m there…..the social flow isn’t there, they likely feel things get awkward at some point, and so they call in the cavalry for “reinforcements”……at least for now. The plus side is I know I am still valued, and being given the honor of Godfather was proof of that, and honestly it’s my main focus in regarding them, so that’s where my attention remains. Besides, every time I go there, I almost always seem to have the experience where I can take notes of my social experience to share with all of you…so it’s not like I feel I’m wasting my time or anything. They’re good people, just weirded out by me…but again, who isn’t? In my case, I’ve already stated that I only deal with people on an as-needed basis as well, due to how poor my social experience has been overall, so….we’re still both getting what we need out of it….and I’ll get into that aspect more at the conclusion of this entry; but first, I want to share with you an experience that happened over 20 years ago now….

This was right after I graduated from high school; at the time, I was trying to connect with a gal I’d been kinda into, on a “friend” level; over the years, we did keep in contact to various degrees, even sending each other Christmas gifts and all that, but just like with everyone else of course, I was held at arm’s length; I was sure I brought it up in one of my earlier blog entries, but can’t seem to find the example at the moment; I may update this one with a link at a future point, if I do (just a heads-up, now). So back then, she offered to be friends (now I understand the “friend zone” thing perfectly fine, and honestly….knowing what I know now, I don’t want her, anyway…and will be getting into that at the conclusion of this entry), and I literally jumped at the offer, it literally having nothing whatsoever with continued hopes of “being” with her or anything, just happy to be given another chance, even if in a different way (are ya…..are ya starting to see why I just don’t like dealing with people in general, now?). So, we chatted a little bit here and there on the phone between Junior year thru a little after Senior year, and upon graduation, we found a time to hang out; she asked what I had in mind. Ya ready for my big “really thought-out” plan, folks? Bear in mind, I’m only 18 here, so….not saying it was a good plan, just…..well:

I offered to have her come to my place first, to check it out, then we’d go to hers, and see that, and then we’d figure it out from there; shut up, I was 18, my understanding of social experiences and interaction was even more limited than it is now at nearly 40. Instead, she “came up” with heading to this lake where fishing is done….and–surprise surprise–called in reinforcements from two of our classmates, to join us. Don’t get me wrong, they were awesome guys, but yeah……looking back, she sensed the awkward levels; and in fact, the majority of the time we hung out, she was busy hanging out with one of the other guys, or making sure we all hung out in a “group” setting, as it were. A few times I even remember pulling out my “being playful” card and got a little wacky, talking like one of those comic relief weirdos you see in movies, as I was trying to lure some fish in. There is one moment I will never forget from the experience though, and I do semi-facepalm about it looking back…not because I feel like I embarrassed myself or anything, but the social attempt I was trying to make for their benefit, knowing how little I care now:

So, we were at the lake fishing (and btw one thing I absolutely hated about this was that they caught the fish, then threw it back; if that’s your bag, fine….I just don’t get the appeal), and as I saw fish coming up, there must have been a stick nearby or something, cause the other two guys had the fishing poles, and I went into being playful by going “come on….come on over here, you fucking bastards”, or something to that effect, with a psychotic look on my face; again, it was entirely to be playful, little more. The facepalm moment was when I said to her “so was this how you were expecting I’d act like, since you got to experience me more thoroughly now?”, as in out of a school setting. Essentially, I was trying to grade what folks would actually think of what I’m like, compared to when I had to “buckle down” in school, as it were. I facepalm now thinking about it, cause WHO. FUCKING. CARES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know…I was young and didn’t know better, and was so pressured then to do whatever possible to be social and likable, and am just so glad now I’ve stopped with that shit. I remember I got home that night, and just told my parents the time was ok, as it wasn’t what I was expecting for a variety of reasons, and they were disappointed I just couldn’t enjoy it as it was. Well, I was 18 then; I didn’t know what I know now, and I no longer go into social scenarios expecting certain results and things the way I did then…..but this leads me to the big conclusion here:

The bottom line is, yes, strong chance is when you’re with other folks, being on the spectrum, you’re gonna be a “third wheel”; they’re gonna need other people around because–while they (might) appreciate what you bring to the table, they need that social flow for the balance, and in many cases they’re gonna value that ten times more than whatever you’re bringing; it’s 100% up to you to decide what is and isn’t worth your time. It’s also in continuation with why I just don’t deal with people in general at this point than on an as-needed basis; I recently had a chat with the 3rd shift supervisor at my job (no, not the Dept. Manager, this go), as he recently let go someone from my past from 3rd shift; the guy didn’t last long. Whenever people ask me why I’ve been willing to deal with those “types” of people up until recently, I bring up what I’ve stated in these entries, and explain “I don’t really like dealing with people in general; either I’ll see shit right up front, or I’ll have to dig, and find that they’re that way…so I figured with all the people I hung out with, at least I knew up front what I was getting, rather than putting in the effort, and eventually being disappointed”. He agreed with me on my assessment, and gave one of the greatest responses imaginable:

“It’s why I got used to just being content being by myself. At least that way, the only one who can disappoint me is me.”

I go home to my guinea pigs every night from work. You know what they do? They eat, sleep, shit, and squeal for food; that’s what I expect them to do, and that’s what they live up to….and they’re so incredibly cute. They’re not built up to be something they’ll never live up to; I love them for who and what they are, and that’s good enough for me.

The thing is…..that isn’t my experience in dealing with social situations, so I’m no longer there in hopes that this time things will totally work out better; if they do, there’s likely an expiration date on it, and I’ll enjoy the ride/experience while I can, unless there’s a deeper purpose for my being there. Decide for yourself if being a “third wheel” is really worth it; you know the social flow won’t be there when it’s just you, for them. At the same time though…’re not really getting them either, as a result…so is it worth it for you, either?

That’s entirely up to you, in the end.

Next time, I want to elaborate a little bit more on a topic from the Success mini-series; let’s see if you can remember the details well enough 😉

6/11/21 Update

So it would appear that the events I’ve been talking about…..have gotten a bit delayed; as a result, rather than having a general idea of when to anticipate the big “booms”…..kinda gotta take some chances, and hope for the best. That being said, however, I did say new entries would be coming this month, and I’m not gonna keep waiting for “the moment to happen”, and for things to go down as they need to, and then drop the related entries; instead…..I’m gonna start doing a few new entries, beginning this weekend, and if shit hits the fan right after/as I’m attempting to do it, so be it; it’s called life, gotta live it. No, I have not gotten the meditation/rest in that I was hoping for, but I did get some in, and hopefully I’ll be doing more this weekend as well, alongside some new material. The entries I have, btw, are some other ones I came up with that have no direct relation to the events in question, so you should be able to enjoy them all the same……especially since one is about socializing! I also have one related to something I brought up briefly in one of my entries on the Success miniseries, so hopefully you’ll enjoy that too.

Before I leave you til my upcoming “return” for the time being, I wanted to share with you about an experience I had earlier, as it involves three of my earliest blog entries on here:

I had a meeting earlier today with the Dept Manager at my job; it was a meeting that had been planned since last week; no I will not discuss what it was about, but for a variety of reasons, I won’t lie I felt very anxiety-ridden, leading up to the meeting; I want what I tell you folks to also be a blueprint for parents of Autistic children, or anyone who wants to know how our minds and bodies process situations like these (and I’ve also explained this extensively in the links above). First off, I had to go in early for the meeting. I decided, in part, to not go out and do any errands before work or anything; just get up, and be ready to head to work about 45 minutes earlier, since my appointment with him was about 15 minutes before I normally clock in… I left shortly after 1:30 PM. I live 3 minutes away from my job by car. You may wonder, then, why I left so early? To me….that isn’t early. I’m planning for various considerations, up until the point of the meeting/getting to my job, if that makes sense. In fact, one thing I did while I was still at home was to make sure I was careful about how much I ate, because I didn’t want to experience indigestion (as already stated, gastro-intestinal problems are very common on the spectrum) on top of my anxiety, and have to bolt out or something from him during the meeting. I made sure to “relieve” myself as thoroughly as possible before leaving, as I didn’t know how long our meeting would be, and I even emptied out the water from the portable A/C, to make sure the guinea pigs would be ok too.

Lemme put it another way to you:

Have you ever seen a construction site? Tell me: does the final product/building genuinely take up the entire space that’s been walled off/prepped for the project, or is all that extra space for supplies, additional equipment, and room for “error”? Well, that’s essentially what I took out all that extra time for, metaphorically; I didn’t even start a project or anything before I left, because I wanted to keep all my focus on making sure everything went ship-shape leading up to the meeting, and during it. If you don’t think I wasn’t anxiously thinking about it since at least the beginning of this week, and knowing all the prep I was anticipating doing for it, you’re far past the point of kidding yourself. That’s what our anxiety levels are like.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments. Talk to ya soon, folks 😉

Change of Heart

C’mon, how could I resist doing another nod to the 80s? Ok, so here’s the lowdown:

I’ve stated before in my posts about some names–including those on the spectrum– becoming far more prominent in the world very soon. It has also come to my attention that one of those names–whom I openly stated I wasn’t sure whether he was on the side of good or bad–welp unless he turns a new leaf, not only is he not good, he’s….let’s just say a “public spokesman” for a really bad agenda (and I’m not simply referring to the comments he’s made about Autism in the past), and as many will find out that includes some other figures in the same arena (one of whom is currently already enduring a really rough time in the news)…..but I’m also hearing that might also be the case for a few we already did invest in, and that includes folks on the Spectrum, as well as historically (and I am referring to one in specific, in this entry). The kicker is…..I also don’t know if these folks then are indeed on the Spectrum–as a result–or if that’s simply what was put out as “bait”, shall we say. Either way, we’ll either then truly find corrupted Autistic souls, or people who really never were, but played pretend to lure us in.

Let’s just say it’s all gonna bring more meaning to the term “life is a stage”. Buckle up, everyone…..and take note: when I said we’re soon gonna be needed more than ever, and you may very well understand what got me so invested in all of this… me, I ain’t kidding ya. See ya soon.

What’s It Got to do with the Brooklyn Bridge?

A common question that I heard asked a lot as a kid, when people wondered why a certain point was even brought up; my version is “what does that have to do with the price of sugar in 1932?”

What I’m getting at is….

I may not have explained properly why I brought up what I did in my previous update; “ok Russell, shit is happening around the world; that’s nice….this blog is about Autism though, so why are you bringing it up?”

Because dear reader…..of my realization during focus on my side project as to how Autism in fact does play into all of this. Look……if Autism had nothing at all to do with this, I would’ve just told you a bit here and there about my fun little side project, and left it at that; no no no……what I’ve come to realize is heavy, and the impact it’s had on our community is massive; that’s why I’m bringing it up, and will be delving further into it upon more public disclosure. Folks I assure you…it will be worth it. I have a minimum, currently, of two blog entries in the works on the topic….and that’s on top of one I already had planned, even before this year even began! Just stay tuned, and it will all make sense; I hope when all this is said and done, you folks come to understand your reason for being, and appreciate your capabilities more than you ever have.

Are You Seeing It Yet?

If you haven’t heard the latest news drops, feel free to check ’em out; I told you things were heating up, big time….and this is what that side project got heavily involved in, and partially why I’ve decided for now to take a bit of a hiatus. Oh, don’t get me wrong…..I have several new entries in the works, and I know you folks will love ’em, but I almost have a feeling that what’s gonna be coming out will take focus off of anything I have to say at this time, and why it’s better to “let the chips fall where they may”, first. That’s why I’ve backed up my entries, and for now, I’m mentally recovering, doing meditation, and giving myself some space; still posting almost daily on social media too….so if you want to see more of what I’m doing while not posting blog entries, go there (RealAutismSpeak on Instagram, Twitter, Gab, Clouthub, Minds, and MAGAbook); just remember though….I mostly try to keep things “neutral” in terms of my beliefs here; I don’t do that on social media.

One thing before I finish this update: take note of the leaked emails that are hitting the news drops, and consider what I said here. You’ll understand where I’m going with this, very soon. See ya later 😉

Philosophy Corner: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Don’t forget to look me up on Instagram, Minds, TikTok and Twitter under “RealAutismSpeak” if you want to follow my daily exploits, for more than what I’m able to put out here–for the time–on this blog! Also on Clouthub, MeWe, Gab, and a few others but need more time to explore.

While you folks are heavily anticipating the goodies I have planned for June/the start of summer, I thought the timing worked for a new philosophical entry that I’d had in the works, (previous entries are here, here, here, and here) so….enjoy:

FLASH BULLETIN, THERE’S AN IMPENDING ALIEN INVASION! The coverage is all over TV and social media; giant saucers and other ships are closing in on the planet en masse, leaving everyone–including pundits and talking heads–completely speechless, and scared in terms of whatever is about to follow…..and the video warning from their leader isn’t helping with relief. All anyone knows is they’re still far enough from the planet that there’s still time (albeit not much) to enlist in the armed forces, and get trained to take them on, in whatever shape or form that’s needed, as well as prepare the troops already available. If nothing else, the generals and cadets worldwide have had enough experience in the service to know there’s a strong chance they may have to pull out the big guns for this one….and this means preparing the troops at every rank in every single conceivable strategy at every level, and for every possible scenario; this is “the big one”, as it were. Whatever the generals and scientists think the troops need to know, now is the time to teach them.

The troopers are even given special incentives to compete with each other to root out the best of the best, should they be needed; no stone is being un-turned for this experience. They’re being trained in every fighting style ever used, every military strategy ever used, even in some cases being let in on until-recently classified equipment and information, as the situation has now become a “need-to-know” scenario. Thankfully, the invaders are still enough of a distance from the planet–or at minimum waiting to make their move–for the troops to prepare theirselves to take on the potential threat, as needed. From these heavier-than-normal exercises, the military is managing to find the cream of the crop, and have requested a few of they to be the first to head up there, to ensure the safety of the rest (think of SWAT teams, here).

The day arrives, and one of the ships descends from the sky into the planet’s atmosphere, and lands in an empty field; one of the “best of the best” troops–armed to teeth with every conceivable highly advanced form of weaponry known to man–heads over to the ship, to carefully assess the situation. The weaponry is so advanced that it’s considered virtually impenetrable, incapable of sabotage, and indestructible. This troop has been trained in every single form of fighting (including martial arts), stealth ops, and negotiation that is available, and is armored up as equally as he’s armed; essentially he appears to be prepared for anything and everything. At least… he and everyone else would have believed.

Within a few moments of parking his vehicle outside the ship, and attempting to make contact, he and his vehicle are hit with a beam, completely vaporizing him and his arsenal from existence. Are these aliens truly a threat, was there miscommunication, or did they consider his presence an insult of some sort? Either way, the soldier is now no more….and in any form. He was one of the smartest and skilled, and armed with everything possible, and his total vaporization leaves everyone else even more concerned and confused than they were before; but the biggest concern for everyone now is that…..every scenario was planned for, and it still went to hell, at least in regard to the initial phase. The reasoning is very simple, really:

You can only plan, and prepare people, for that which has already been, not what is yet to be.