The Berlin Heights Wall

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Before I start this entry, I wanted to mention that I decided to apologize to my coworker over the explosive argument we got into back in May. Yeah, we’re kinda on talking terms again. She said I scared her, and yes…..anyone who expects the sociopathic “standards” of common modern discussion would indeed be scared by someone being passionate and animated the way I communicate. Relax, I’m not apologizing for being me, or doing what I did; I essentially apologized realizing…..she’s not gonna get it, nor is it my place to see to it that she does. I just wanted to restore peace with someone who doesn’t even have the slightest grasp of what’s going on/what I’m saying; “Joe Normie” as it were. There is no point to holding grudges or things like that when the other party doesn’t even get it. It’s part of the work I’m doing in regard to trying to become my “best self”, as it were. I also wasn’t intentionally trying to be condescending there when I said that; she and I are on completely different wavelengths essentially, and….well, a follower, so again…..a lot of folks you just have to let them find their own way in that regard.

So yesterday I mentioned I went to a wedding in Berlin Heights Ohio, for a former coworker of mine, and that I would discuss my experience about it; I was planning to do that anyway, but I try to keep you guys up on top of things as much as I can, of course. Let’s get right into it, shall we? (Also the reason I’m using that as the title is partially because I seriously can’t think of anything better, and I do see some symbolism in the idea of a “wall” when it comes to our understanding of romance, et al)

So, first and foremost, I was expecting to be there, and chat with at least a few former coworkers. I got to a little bit, but the majority of the coworkers who said they would be there never showed up. In fairness, they may’ve had to cancel or something. I was also hoping to meet my former coworker’s daughter who is also on the spectrum, but she didn’t like events like these, so also didn’t show up; it’s fine…gave me less incentive to hang around beyond the ceremony and getting a little something to munch on before leaving (after the last wedding I went to, I really didn’t want to sit at the table bored out of my mind, falling asleep due to the droning sound of the loud dance music). Well, that being said, there was another interesting aspect to this wedding… it would be the very first wedding I’d be attending where I was no longer trying to dissect “what I was doing wrong” with dating/jealous of the other parties, or things like that.

I was there for the sole purpose of supporting my coworker and his mom (both coworkers), and that was all she wrote….and I knew whether my other former coworkers showed up or not, I’d get some great fodder to share with you folks…..and I did! Lemme kick off the event by mentioning I was one of the first people there; I was kinda anxious about going to the event, had been to this town a total of once before (like…..10 years ago?) and kinda wanted to scope the place out a bit, and make sure I didn’t hit traffic or have problems getting there, or a myriad of other things. I also always like to get there early; I’m just that guy. I’d say it was a good 20 minutes/half hour before anyone else showed up, and that included the mother of the Groom (she and he were my two former coworkers). I didn’t know how to get inside the place, or if anyone was inside yet, but I knew I was at the right place cause of the big ceremony tent outside with lawn chairs….however I had to use the latrine really bad…..and thankfully found a nearby outhouse which was surprisingly not vomit-inducing, so I was able to relieve myself (I know, didn’t you just feel you needed that detail, so badly?).

So when they arrived, we started heading into the building, and I spent a good amount of time chatting with the mother, as she was one of the folks who gave me some of the best advice about dating–several years back–imaginable, and I wanted to thank her for it: she was the one that told me that being set up probably wasn’t the best move, especially for me, cause you need to know the person you’re setting up well enough, otherwise it will be a disaster. As most of you already know–and likely also applies to you–most people don’t know me all that well, in general, and putting forth the effort to do so is usually on the thin side.

Well, this also connects very nicely with something that a former friend of mine–whom I met thru my previous ex-girlfriend–said to me, after our breakup, when I asked her “how do you know when you’ve met that right one?”…..ok, I confess my question to her was far more specific, but I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, and I know I wrote about it somewhere, just don’t remember at the moment exactly where. I remembered using my cousin (the Shark Tank one) who’d then recently been betrothed with her husband as an example; my former friend responded to me with “you need to be on the same page, really; that’s how you know; you and “Jeanette” were not on the same page”……and from there, I took it to “we weren’t on the same page, we weren’t even looking at the same book, in the same library, in the same library network, network of networks, or even on the same planet of networks (in fact, feel free to look up the term “calcified pineal gland”; I see myself likely to start using it here soon, a lot more often)!

Well, folks, guess what? That’s….kinda my experience with everybody! As my original entry on dating (that eventually got transferred here, with some alterations and updates) said it best: “right now, nobody is any good for me”, and no one still is, even 10 years later…but I’m also at the point where I no longer care; if someone comes along, they come along. It’s like how Gary Vaynerchuk talks about people doing things out of a sense of “supposed” to do them in a certain way; there’s no “supposed to”; follow what makes you happy in life. Not only do most people just fucking annoy me (so I only deal with them on an as-needed basis), but as I was talking with my former coworker about it, she reminded me that my personality is very intense, overwhelming, and loud to people….and that scares them off. Well, you know what? That’s part of where the “red pill” aspect comes in, to me…because if they don’t even understand what they’re getting, then they’d essentially be “settling” for me. Hell, I still believe “settling down” means exactly that……so if they’re “settling” for me, it’s not what they really want; if they don’t even understand it, neither party is genuinely happy, and if they can find “better”, believe me, they’re gonna do it….and lord is that gonna create unnecessary drama in an already bad situation; why try to hunker myself down for a ton of people who are–effectively–already revealing that they’re all wrong for me, from the get-go, especially for an end goal that they’re more accustomed to that doesn’t even seem particularly satisfactory to me?

You want to hear where this gets even more fun? So, her son and his bride get there late, after we’ve already been directed to the tent for the ceremony, and apparently, they both need to “down a few” for the experience. Now, please bear in mind: it’s not like I knew her son well enough–even when we worked together–to make judgments about what he does and doesn’t do, and hell if I’ve kept in contact with him at all over the years; to be fair, I barely even interacted with him at the wedding. That being said, when you have to down a few for such an event, it makes me wonder if marriage was even genuinely something they wanted to do, or felt pressured to do. He also wanted to keep the ceremony extremely brief (just keep to the basics), and then from being a bit plastered, he kept screwing up a few of his vows. Now, I’m not gonna lie…this kinda pissed me off slightly; not his screwing up the vows, but how the crowd just brushed it off like it was nothing, because you know damn well if I–or most of you–had been in that position with the vows, it wouldn’t have been taking so lightly or humorously (though in fairness I think it would’ve been a better chance that it would have out where I live now, as opposed to on the East Coast).

All the same, after getting to the ceremony late, downing a few, and keeping it brief, they were officially legally married. We went inside a short time later–after standing around outside for a short while (and that’s something I’ve always noticed people do at these receptions; I’ve never understood it)–to sit down, for most to continue doing just that, before they brought the food out. I literally decided I was just gonna eat something, then head out…didn’t want to hang around for the music or anything. I did let his Mom know what my plans were, and again her own daughter wouldn’t show up, not being a fan of these occasions–so she didn’t take it as a slight or anything. Also, I feel like the way I navigated myself at the wedding and reception was an indicator of where I’ve come to in life as opposed to where I’ve been. I did used to get more anxious about getting up to go somewhere, thinking people would be staring at me or something (when I was much younger of course); now I just did it, let ’em stare. I did happen to notice the whole time that we were inside though……that there were a lot of babes there, and I noticed they were all covered in tattoos and piercings (sorry it just doesn’t do anything for me, folks; not knocking you if it’s your thing…it just isn’t mine), but on top of it…they either seemed plastered, unhappy, or both. Again, I don’t feel like I’m missing much, but…..this brings me into my final point, about all of this…..

While we were outside in the tent for the ceremony, I got to thinking about some words my cousin gave me when he got married to his girlfriend back in 2019: he told me that the whole experience was more for the spectacle of the crowd, and especially the females; in fact, that latter aspect every single Red-Pill channel in existence pretty much backs him on. I remember that he told me most of his wedding was a complete blur because just so much planning and–just everything–goes into the event; it’s very tiring, and very overwhelming. The reason I bring this up–even seeing what went into this far smaller reception for my former coworker–is that it kinda goes back to what Gary Vaynerchuk says: “is it what you really want?”. At least to me, you have to be really devoted to wanting to go thru this whole kit-&-caboodle for the giant undertaking and effort it seems to require; bear in mind, I’m not even talking about all the legal & financial aspects about the marriage itself (hell you could take care of that in an afternoon at your local municipal court house); I’m referring to everything that goes into the ceremony celebrating the event. Bottom line is, a lot goes into both marriage, and the participational “announcement” of that union of two people and their families. I remember sitting there, in the tent, thinking “would I really, really want to go thru all of this?” My response at this time is shrugging my shoulders, complimented with an “eh…..”. No, I’m not saying it will be yours, I’m just saying……you have to decide if you really want it, or you just think you do, because you’re told you’re “supposed” to have it. On top of that, then you’ll have to hope that marriage won’t be one of the “statistics” of divorce, several years later. I already stated in one of my earlier pieces that I knew for a fact if I followed what I was told I was “supposed” to have, I’d already be on my 3rd or 4th of that, at minimum. Bear in mind I’d also still be of a mindset with a severe inferiority complex, and as even a former neighbor told me “that’s not you”…and she’s right!

Coming up soon:

An entry expanding more on the whole concept of “first impressions”…..and also hopefully finally getting to several very important entries for our community that I’ve been holding back on for months. Stay tuned, and stay frosty! 😉

Wedding Blues

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Just got back from a wedding in Berlin Heights, OH. I actually got some EXCELLENT new perspective on the topic, now having been to one in a time when I’m no longer concerned about dating the way I used to be, and I’ll be sharing it shortly… stay tuned. And yes, I still do have another entry in the works as well; one or the other may go up tomorrow.

Later, gators!

From McAfee to Britney to Rose

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Thought of some new blog fodder and upcoming vlogs…..and I’ll be posting them when I have time; also a wedding I’ve been invited to, so I’m hoping to take notes for all of you while I’m there.

Don’ know if you folks caught the Presser today for California Governor Recall Election candidate Larry Elder, but he featured a popular actress from the late 90s (I used to be a *ahem* very big fan) who I admit I currently follow on Twitter, but not for the same reasons 😉

Anyway, she dropped some major bombs about the “behind the scenes” with the Hollywood-political world, and I can assure you in no way will she be the last to do it. I bring this up however as a continued emphasis to my brethren about what we’re conditioned to “want” in life…..for a sense of “normalcy“. It’s funny, because Rose herself even brought up the Cult aspect of it all, and…..guys, when I tell you that everything that’s been built up and conditioned for you as “you’re supposed to have this, or something’s wrong with you” is a complete sham, I’m not kidding…but don’t take my word for it; if you didn’t catch her speech in the presser, do so…..and watch out for Britney, McAfee….and anyone else who may come forward…and I assure you plenty will.

Get ready for the next level…..and to learn to love yourself for who you are, and what you’ve been put here to do 🙂

Stolen Truth

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I just watched a video–an “introduction” to a series on Youtube entitled “Stolen History”; I believe that’s the name of the channel too. The second installment in the series is over an hour long, so I’ll be checking it shortly; yeah, I wasn’t kidding about what I’ve been saying recently. Everything you thought you knew about the world, and what we think is known/has been…..let’s just say it’s about to be shaken and rocked to its very core. This is why I’m keeping the kibosh on a lot at the moment…being extremely careful about how I approach any subject; I don’t want it to not matter 5 minutes from now.

Now, before I head out for the time being, I want to issue my fellow brethren a warning of sorts that I received many, many months ago:

Do recall how I said in this entry about how shit is gonna be hitting the fan over the next few months, and your brains will be absolutely necessary–almost the first big test–to the citizens of today in showing what the Autistic mind is capable of, what with all that will be necessary to navigate, with all the chess-playing, and strategizing that will have to be done, when all the food, gas, water, and power shortages kick in. As the commercial used to say, however, but that’s not all! You see the pain the world is now enduring over the aftermath of those recent events in Afghanistan? Ratchet that puppy up x10 to the 17th power when everything else comes out…including what I stated about that Youtube series above. Well, I was warned several months ago about how devastated the masses are gonna feel; it’s gonna be very overwhelming emotionally for the world to endure…..I assure you on a level you have never at all experienced. However, as I stated last time–and even the person who issued me the warning said–we are the ones who will have to help the “lions” navigate it, and help all those who don’t know how. If you wind up going comatose over the overburdening level of emotion to come, I cannot stop you; that is between you and a higher power. Those who don’t, however…..will need to strategize and priorities like never before. We must guide everyone thru the darkness to the light.

Our time is coming, my fellow Spectrum friends. To quote Edward Magorium in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium “your life is an occasion; rise to it”. Let’s do this, people!

Synchronicity Above 3D

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Just want to quickly mention that two other titles were considered for this: “High Fidelity in 3D” and “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”. I would later discover that High Fidelity doesn’t actually apply to this, and I felt the latter just dumbed it down too much; sorry, THIS one does not apply to “keep it simple, stupid”!

So as stated in my last entry, I hoped to have this one up a few days ago, but suddenly had to deal with an issue with my apartment at the very last minute, delaying it to now; incidentally enough, the process not only gave me the opportunity to get more fodder for this entry, but also to discover a pattern in a “shift” I’m beginning to notice in regard to our potential connectivity with the masses. An “awakening” of sorts is happening, in the process, starting to break long-standing societal “conditioning” as it were…giving us the prospects for a far better relationship with our non-Autistic counterparts, moving forward. But, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, here….

In this entry, I mentioned about listening to a prominent voice– from the community where my focus has mostly been recently–talking about the story of Purim, and how I thought he did a better job explaining it in an hour than all of my years in Hebrew School did. Well, over the last several months, said prominent voices in the community have been emphasizing how the world is heading to a new level of consciousness….from “3D” to “5D”, as it were; heading to a brand new level of existential experience, and having a more intimate relationship with the higher universal consciousness (many of you refer to it as God). I won’t spend 5 hours getting into this…..if you want, look into a program by Simon Parkes called “Connecting Consciousness”, and check out his buddy Charlie Ward (my favorite of all of them) for further elaboration. For all of you now saying “and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeere he goes with the tin-foil hat!”, have at it! Believe whatever you want; where I stand does not require you to automatically align with me on it (although I have a picture of a map on Instagram–that I got at a garage sale– that lends itself quite thoroughly to proof of this; well….moreso than what I already have). It’s also not the main point of this entry, but it’s an important aspect to lead into what is!

I have discussed numerous times throughout my entries about our problems connecting with the masses in terms of socializing–a whole miniseries I did from last year goes into it thoroughly–and one particular aspect I’ve emphasized considerably is how our relationships tend to experience an expiration date of sorts; when they do, we seem to mourn the end of it, fear we did something wrong, all that, and then often times upon experiencing the other person later…..we discover that much of what we seemed to get from the people was their “putting their best foot forward” initially, and they were holding onto that sentiment with you for dear life….and when more was required, they fell like a house of cards. Said house of cards fell because they felt intimidated by you, didn’t feel they could live up to you, a whole myriad of reasons really. Basically you wind up discovering they went on to do “more of the same” with other people, and while part of you may feel like you’re missing out……deep down you know you aren’t; you just wish they could have had the chance to both experience with you what you are heading toward….and you don’t want to do it alone; I can assure you, I get that last part completely. When I felt I hit that psychological “wall” upon breaking up with my “recent” ex, and knew I had to climb over it, and it was a journey that no one could join me on…I was extremely nervous, but I knew I had to do it. I was nervous because I didn’t know what I’d be experiencing, how to prepare for it, or anything. On the spectrum, I’m so used to doing everything myself, at no point did I even fully comprehend the idea of others appearing on that path to help guide me on it, and for my own better understanding of said path I was heading on.

So….you may wonder where exactly I’m going with all of this? Well….after that whole episode with the delay happened, a fella I now follow on Twitter (username: RadiantOne777) posted something absolutely brilliant, and it goes along–also–with what I keep saying about the concept of Autism as a “disability” or a bad side-effect from vaccines:

“Autism is not a disease. What you are going thru, what you are experiencing as an “Autistic” individual, these are natural in a high-frequency resonating being, while existing in a world as dense as Earth. Do you understand? This is also due to the soul’s choice not to integrate more of its energy spectrum in the 3D realm, for the physical body cannot handle it. The physical brain is unable to keep up with the spiritual mind’s frequency, so the 3D version of you may struggle to make sense of the energy in slow 3D wave patterns. Please understand, you are not ill, you are not the problem. The dense, slow world of 3D is ill with problems, while you are in fact of highest frequency orders the Universe has to offer. You are doing a great service to the Earth and humanity at this time. You are blessed”.

Feel free to let that sit for a moment or two if you need to, and once you let it resonate, let’s now take that, and apply it to what we’ve been discussing, shall we?

What if all the people you met throughout your travels, experiences, and journeys in this world were put in the position to meet you…to be given the chance by the higher Universal authority to ascend to a higher frequency, I.E. the entire reason for their crossing paths with you was that you were the messenger “sent” to give them that option? Yeah, you seemed to have the greatest chemistry for a while, but as you grew, and started–even if only subconsciously–understanding your calling far better, they started sensing a “make or break” moment to either rise to their own capability to experience more of the world you were offering, or slink away in their own insecurity to “more of the same”, out of fear they just couldn’t live up? That it was just easier and less scary to distance theirselves from you, and continue on with “normal” as they knew it best…..rather than chancing understanding true, genuine capability?

Yes, I realize I already broke it down along similar lines in previous entries (linked above), but I believe the element of 3D-5D consciousness ascension adds a brand new element to it, especially coming to terms with what makes Autistic folks so incredibly “different” from our neurologically/frequency-different counterparts. I’d like to also add here an important element that I hear strongly recommended, and very frequently, throughout the community about this: meditation. I barely watch movies and TV anymore; I even used to say to coworkers “I don’t plan to be on my death bed, regretting that I didn’t watch enough TV”. No, when I’m not doing research and discussing it with my community–or at work, or running errands–most of my time now is involved in giving my guinea pigs attention, and meditating. My form of meditation is sitting down with a hot cup of cocoa, and building Lego sets. My former roommate actually described the process quite thoroughly:

“you’re sorting thru all the pieces, almost like you’re sorting thru all the thoughts in your mind, and when your session is complete, you have a building accomplishment to show for it!”

Whenever I do my meditation sessions with my Lego sets, I’m sitting on one side of my bed building it, and I can hear my guinea pigs running around their cage on the other side (an extremely pleasant sound for me, might I add), and essentially…..I let my mind wander. Whatever my mind feels like bringing up is what it brings up. Sometimes I have to take a breather, because my legs hurt from being in that position for so long, but I feel an amazing accomplishment from the session once it’s done, and a deeper connection with the higher Universal powers that be. I won’t lie, it’s also led into somewhat of a mini-addiction to constantly trying to buy Lego sets, so I always have something new to build every day I’m off for a new meditation session…..and most of the sets I really want still are from about a quarter-century ago, and are now ultra-pricy, but I digress.

Now, one element I do want to quickly put to rest: yes, I’m aware a good chunk of the community that follows those voices seems to have it out for folks on the Spectrum. My friends….they don’t understand it, that’s why. They don’t realize how deep the societal cult-like conditioning has really been. I often hear from them how badly they “just want their kid to be normal”. There won’t be a “normal” soon; everything they’ve been used to as normal was…..well, you’ll see; it’s too early for me to discuss all that. My point is, just like all the people who dropped you like a bad habit over the years, many are still under the heavy conditioning of conventionality, status-quo, and “normalcy”. I promise you this entry is soon gonna start resonating far more for folks–both on and off the spectrum–than it ever has before; again, this has all been intentional. You’ll understand why very, very soon…..though feel free to listen to Juan, Charlie, or Simon–or any of their fellow contributors–for more information. I’m going to say it again: I have seen the proof.

So for now, enjoy being alive at the time where the giant narrative and conditioning shift is happening for you to experience the dramatic change that’s about to occur….but don’t fear in the thought of “how you ascend” or anything like that; that’s what your natural intuition is for. Drop society’s expectations of you, find you, and tap into the power of the Universe to understand your true calling. Those who are meant to experience it with you will be there along the way; those who aren’t…….are the reason it ended to begin with. They may ascend as well, in all of this….but they have their own path for it. In the least, take pride in knowing that you were the one sent there to offer them the opportunity……and learn about your own calling in the process.

As Dr. Venkman said it best in Ghostbusters, as they were about to close the gate to the Netherworld atop the Shandor Building “See you on the other side, Ray!”, and I’ll see you folks soon! 😉

Very Exciting News, Moving Forward…..

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So here I was, all set to write a brand new full-length blog entry today, and then I woke up to having to immediately navigate something that came up at the last minute, with my apartment. Interestingly enough however, the chat involved in what had to be worked out wound up bringing in several factors I’ve been discussing about over the last several months…..and it appears other folks I wind up elaborating on all this information to (not all, but many) seem to become more open, and I’m able to start working things out with them in a way previously not believed. I’ve said time and time again that our time is coming, and we’re gonna be needed–and appreciated–more than ever; this is beginning, now. The narrative is shifting heavily, and I’m definitely starting to see a different, more open attitude from people than we’d previously had.

I will most likely have the new blog entry up this weekend–and it does involve all of this–but when I tell you guys everything is about to change, in your favor, and you’re about to see why you endured what you did for so long, I wasn’t saying it for my health. You have all been enduring a society conditioned to certain elements, manipulated to believe in a scarcity mentality toward those aspects, with massive amounts of information either distorted or withheld from the public. This is all about to fall apart. The idols we’ve worshipped are all about to crash; everything we’ve been taught since our youth to be “success” is gonna blow up in our faces, and the faces of our surroundings.

Amidst all of the chaos, you are about to learn your true potential, and understand why you were led to believe it wasn’t the case. I will be discussing at least a good chunk of that in my next entry (unless of course I wind up doing a quickie between now and then); stay tuned! 😉

Rocky IV and Spectrum 10K

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So lemme start off by stating that former classmate of mine recently brought up that Pauly’s awesome robot in Rocky IV was supposedly actually designed for helping kids on the spectrum. As an Autistic male, a huge Rocky fan, and my favorite installment being part IV, this excites me (though I will admit concern as this came out in the mid 80s, and….well……the public’s understanding of Autism was….limited), and I will be doing more research into it, so I can give you all my thoughts. Oh and funny story: I did meet Burt Young (Pauly) at a Comic Con; he signed one of my DVDs. Incidentally it’s very hard to hear him talk, he speaks really softly; could almost put you asleep. Dead serious!

Now let’s get to the more fun part, shall we?

So over the last few days, I’m seeing a lot of folks on Twitter yelping about this new program in the UK called Spectrum 10K; it’s supposed to be a research project to understand Autistic people far better, even including to the point that they want our DNA. I had the absolute “joy” of watching a preview video for their program on Youtube, and….suffice it to say, that Star Trek: TNG meme of Patrick Stewart’s Picard facepalming is an understatement for how I feel about it. I even openly chewed them out about it on Facebook (you know, the place where the masses congregate, so totally everyone will get what I’m saying). I……have a lot to say about this topic, and even plan on doing a vlog entry on it, but…..I thought it best to express my concerns here first. A lot of shit going thru my mind about it, and over the last few days have had virtually no time to even write it down when it comes up… bear with me.

Let me start by saying I have a million and one reservations regarding the medical-scientific institution community, right now…..and those of you who follow me on social media very well know this; putting philosophical beliefs aside though, I do not in any way find this program to genuinely be an attempt to improve the lives of Autistic people, and for a myriad of reasons. I think that’s the cover story, but not only are they going about it the wrong way, I don’t even think they’re doing a good job hiding it.

Our DNA is not necessary to understand our differences, especially regarding the criteria the preview view on Youtube talks about, since they do emphasize the spectrum. Personally, I believe the people “on the other end” are more aware of all of this about us than they let on–and I will be getting into that at a later date–and as such don’t even need it anyway. In fact, the request for DNA actually winds up blowing the entire narrative about vaccines “causing” Autism; why’zat, you ask? If vaccines caused it, what the hell do they need our DNA for, since they already have it from the vaccines, right? 😉

Now, I’ll play nice for a minute and give them the benefit of the doubt that they just want to study the DNA to understand our difference better; again, why? The only time doctors and scientists ever seem to want DNA like that–from my own recollection–has been because they see an anomaly, and want to see if they can “fix” it/make it more palatable for societal standards, but there’s nothing to genuinely fix. The scientific community–IMO–is approaching this in all the wrong ways, and honestly especially right now, that doesn’t entirely surprise me….in part due to reasons I’ll get into at a later date. Their website openly claims it is not intended to “cure/eradicate” Autism, but color me skeptical, since the public doesn’t really understand the Spectrum enough at this time to keep them in check about that.

Now for the other part of the preview video that made me want to vomit (as in the part that did more than the other aspect): they emphasized the spectrum of Autism in a similar light to how I even did all the way back in this entry, but……I found the tone of it, and the elaboration both in a condescending manner, and all but openly missing the factor that I brought in my entry on vaccines, linked above; it’s almost like they’re going beyond simplifying it to a point where they’re completely missing the mark on the study, entirely. They mention that some Autistic folks function fine on their own, living our lives without any problem, others need assistance, others have medical issues, and the gamut continues to run. Well, as I stated in the vaccine entry, about the medical issues: correlation does not equal causation. People are in the hospital/doctor’s office already, and of course people who are likely in there more frequently–who get diagnosed on the Spectrum–are gonna have health issues. They’re already in there for health problems, but being on the Spectrum (and I stand by) per se isn’t necessarily the reason we have those health problems, just that’s it’s common to find…but the case study for finding it only makes perfect sense.: I repeat, the people are there for health issues already, so those on the Spectrum who have health issues will of course wind up having those issues linked to Autism, even though it may not genuinely have anything to do with it.

Now the bigger kicker is…..I think the people all the way behind this research already know this…but they know the public doesn’t, and the public’s opinions and emotions are very easily manipulated to want answers for that sense of “normalcy“. So will tons of parents and teachers of Autistic children over in the UK jump for this ASAP? If they can get thru all the riots currently going on, as of this writing, I could easily see it happening. Hopefully they’ll become wiser once the riots end….because they’ll see the fraud (I believe it to be) for what it actually is, at that time. I actually was about to throw them a bone and say “I could be wrong, maybe this truly does have good intentions”….and then I saw the places pushing this study….definitely don’t buy it.

University of Cambridge, Autism Research Centre, UCLA, Wellcome-Sanger Institute, feel free to prove me wrong; if I am, I will be more than happy to acknowledge it. I bid you good luck.

Gin & Tonic

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Currently chatting with a fella on Twitter that I follow, and he posted about Valium, and how it was marketed in 1963–by Hoffman & La Roche–to “reduce psychic tension/ease psychic abilities”; he proceeded with “they’ve been out to stop us from achieving our full potential from the start”. I asked him what search he did to find this, and while I used it, and couldn’t find that (though admittedly using a different search engine), I did find links regarding Valium to one John Hinkley Jr, as well as the use of Adderall, which I remember being on in my youth at one point. Feel free to do your own further research. Remember, though, what I said about Cults? Now…..if this is what has been done against people with special abilities and behavior/mental differences such as those………do you really think “disability” is all there is to Autism?

I’m remaining steadfast and firm in what I say about Autism; we are not disabled. We have simply been conditioned to believe we are, and the rest of the populous was also convinced of this, to keep ’em following the rigid cult-like guidelines, so everyone would be too afraid to explore true potential. I have far more to say on all of this in the future. Once again, more information has to publicly drop first, though.

Stay tuned everyone, the shit’s about to heat up!

First Impressions

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So get ready for this, people…..I did not have this one planned! I literally came up with it as I was leaving for work, yesterday, mentally poring over several different other things in the process. Now the good news is….yes, this is indeed something that I can post at any time, and it will have just as much of an impact regardless……with the proper framing; so, let’s get into it, shall we? What would you say if I told you I discovered a very big problem with the idea of body language, and why social flow seems to be such a key component in regard to it? “What Russell”, you ask, “ANOTHER problem? Is it really a problem, or are you just telling us you suck with it, and trying to rationalize and compensate with it?!” Follow me here…

One thing I’ve been noticing recently is that people ask me to do things for them, and I do those things for them, and ask them to do something very simple in return…..and they’re lucky if they can even remember to do it. It’s not even specifically a favor for me, but something I’ll need if future assistance from me is needed…..and virtually every time they still forget nearly instantaneously. Now, how would we be treated, if put in that situation? We’d be thrown to the dogs permanently, right? Hell, we’re already there already, in most cases. But….we’ve covered that ground how many times over, at this point? No, I bring it up for another reason: didn’t these folks often seem like they had it all together–or at least more so–upon your initial meeting with them? Didn’t you feel like you were the one who had to prove you were on top of it, like there were expectations of you in specific? After all, how much have we been conditioned to emphasize those very initial impressions of a person? How people say “we can tell so much from a person, just from meeting them immediately”? Here’s something I’m starting to consider regarding it: What if it’s not that the people fell apart, but that they put everything into that first impression?

I apologize if I’m not explaining this as well as I could: I actually put other things off today/for later so I could do this entry, and I’m still….kinda bombarded at the moment, so bear with me. What if all of those folks you’re trying to incredibly hard to impress…..don’t even really have that much to offer you from the get-go, it’s all just the “store display” they’re putting on for you, and in public? “But Russell, why don’t other people pick up on it?” Oh….dear reader, they very much do…..but why call it out when they’re doing the exact same thing? This, I believe, is another reason why social flow is so important to folks off the spectrum. Imagine this: the majority of people you interact with literally put their “all” into that public persona/”store display”; there’s….either not much behind it, or a helluva lot of insecurity. They know that if you spend more than 5 minutes with ’em, you’ll likely go batshit crazy, which is part of why they push you away….it’s another one of those elements they can’t risk in the “game” of Socializing! So where does the social flow come into play? It makes sure a bunch of “store displays” prop each other up, so they won’t “fall over”; keeps the puff momentum going, rather than the genuine reveal that fluff is all it really is.

Look at it this way: I mentioned “store displays”; think cardboard cut-outs for a minute. Let’s say you grabbed 4 cardboard cutouts, and taped them together in the shape of a box, with the bottom of the cut-outs forming the bottom of that “box” shape. Lift the makeshift box up… imagine a weight/anchor comes along, and gets dropped into that makeshift box; tears right thru, cause the makeshift box can’t handle how heavy it is. See where I’m goin’ with this? Well, this is how I see the majority of the populous–at least how they’ve been conditioned–at least in terms of social offerings, and why I believe my own chemistry is so limited with most people; in fact, one of my upcoming entries in the works is…..gonna involve that quite a bit, and tying heavily into current events, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Let’s go back to the “conditioning” aspect for a minute (and btw….expect that word to start coming up a lot more, moving forward….you’ll understand why, soon)….in fact, let us use a moment of current events at the aspect of the bridge we’re now at, shall we? Right now, for most, the world feels like it’s in utter turmoil; yes, I know every single generation has said that since at minimum I was born….but I interact with a lot of people now feeling frightened, confused, and hopeless, fearing that everything is falling apart, the world is doomed, it’s….all just a mess. It reminds me in a way of how I felt when my Dad was terminally ill, those years back: I felt every second of every day like I was desperately trying to grasp onto whatever I could in my life, to keep it from utterly falling apart, being hit with everything at once, being stretched completely thin; I felt angry, confused, and frustrated day in and day out… a complete and utter failure in every possible way; having not overcome my inferiority complex or properly dealing with my depression and anxiety yet did not help in any way. It was almost like I was desperately holding up a metaphorical bookshelf with loads of rare, priceless, fragile artifacts, and trying to keep them all from falling on the floor and breaking, as the bookshelf seemed to be having something pushed against it, despite my best efforts. Almost like I was doing my absolute best to maintain control, with everything imaginable blowing up in my face….like it was all for naught. This appears to be how the populous is responding to the current world stage.

The reason–however–the people appear to feel this way…is because it’s all they’ve been conditioned for. The people are used to the world running in a very specific way, and going by very specific guidelines they were taught they needed to follow if they wanted to make it…..and it’s all proving to be an utter bust, but it’s all they know. For those following and getting confused, continue to follow me here; relax it’ll all make sense….

I’ve mentioned Scott “Toyguru/Scooter” Neitlich before, and his plea about how we desperately need a new big box retailer like Toys R Us…..and was reminded of my Instagram vlog about it yesterday, when Dan Larson of the “Toy Galaxy” Youtube channel did a video about Child World. Now, we know what happened to all those big-name retailers, but in certain aspects, it sounds very similar to a lot of shit that I hear goes on behind the scenes at pretty much every employer….including even Fortune 500 companies. Let’s just say…..based on all the research I’ve been doing these past few months, I picked up on patterns from what Mr. Larson was saying that…..aligned with much of my research; it’s one of those “once you see it, you can’t unsee it”. That being said however, we always know what that initial intention/plan is (i.e. “first impressions”), and what always inevitably results. “The best laid plans…..” as the saying goes.

Remember what I said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in these entries about meeting folks at a party that other folks tell you are great, even though you see something different, and it turns out they’re usually no better than the shitty folks, they just hide it a lot better? Same principle. They know how to make that initial great impression, but over time you’re gonna see more and more of the flaws, until they finally can’t hide who they are from you at all, and…well…you have to decide if it’s even worth it or not; the reason the public accepts it is due to the conditioning, and not really knowing any other way; there’s a lot of hypocrisy involved, because the masses are just taught to accept it, and….well, I’ll get more into that soon, but I would like to mention that it does align with a recent mini-entry I did, in regard to cult mentality; also did a vlog on Instagram/TikTok about it too. Hell, how often have you heard in dating advice “don’t actually be yourself at first; play pretend, and then over time, show them more of who you are”? I think it’s extremely disingenuous personally, and if that’s honestly what most people want, another reason I’m not bothering with it, at this time.

What it boils down to though is……no, we don’t usually make very good first impressions; I know for a fact I don’t, but everyone I deal with basically says “we’d be completely fucked without him”; they know they have someone they can depend on, even though half the time I intimidate them, and they don’t understand it. The thing is….we may not make good first impressions, nor have brains that can process the social flow to “salvage” it, but the folks off the spectrum who do……how much more do they usually offer you beyond that? Essentially, said “first impressions” are all they’ve really got, with the social flow propping it up. Again, I will be getting a lot more into a deeper “connecting” aspect of all of this in an upcoming entry, but will be approaching it from a more “controversial” territory. Essentially, they push you away for a variety of reasons, including not believing they genuinely can offer you more; the more they “can” offer you is…..well….likely a lot of fluff, and to they….you seem like there’s a lot more going on, and chances are…that fluff ain’t good enough, you’ve just been taught to accept that it is. Deep down, you know it’s not. Again, I’m not knocking them over doing this; they’re going with what they’ve been taught and conditioned…and with what they know. Better is on the horizon, as I’ve been telling you…and will be getting into more, soon enough.

No, I’m not saying push people away and tell them they’re worthless, or anything like that; I would never say that; everyone comes into your life to offer you something. Like I already told you….they’re gonna need you very soon, and more than they ever have, once they realize what you’re gonna provide…just remember that-at least up to now–all the glitz and glamour was just the “store display”; if there was more to offer than that, great….with some people there are, but the majority who are gonna push you away, this is part of why they did; either there wasn’t, or they didn’t think much of it, and didn’t want you to blow that cover either way. Oh yes….that aspect is gonna become very important soon; remember I said it 😉

1,001 Arabian Nights

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Everyone’s talking about Afghanistan on social media; feel free to add that to the list of carrots to follow. You want to know why you’ve been labeled as “disabled“? You’re gonna find out very, very soon. Yes, I had a lot planned for this summer that didn’t materialize; this…..kinda took major priority, and you’ll understood soon enough. I’m still hoping to do those entries later this year though, but likely now with a different framing.

Just keep your eyes on the ball, and grab yourself a nice bucket of popcorn for the show, everybody 😉